Three Poems by Angga Wijaya

Three Poems by Angga Wijaya

After the Rain

Is it you call me already?
I don't hear your voice

Mom, how are you
Is everything alright?

I miss you so much
Your smile and talk

I wanna go home
February is come

My birthday is coming
I hope you remember

Call me back, Mom
Life is too hard now

A cup of coffee is good
To feel the bitterness

I don't want talk much
I just wanna feel love

The only and only thing
We seek around the world


Song of Bitterness

Life is bitter sometime
Like take a pill at night

A girl leave you soon
After the heavy rain

Love? It is not love
Maybe just a lust

A bed story in years
Book under a pillow

Cheating and violence
Lying make me dying

That's a long time ago
A nightmare in my life

Biterness, O biterness!
Beware and aware, lover


Chinese New Year

Red everywhere
Around the world

New year is come
Gong Xi Fat Cai!

Year of prosperity
May our life better

No more tears

Violence gone
Peacefully world

Now is pig year
Symbol of fortune

Bring us to

Fly! Enjoy
Our freedom

Love is the only

My Guru said


I Ketut Angga Wijaya was born in Negara, Bali, 14 February 1984. Writing poetry since upper secondary school when joined Komunitas Kertas Budaya under the direction of poet Nanoq da Kansas. His poetry has been included in Warta Bali, Jembrana Post, Independent News, Ekspresi magazine, Riau Pos, Bali Post, Jogja Review, Serambi Indonesia, Tribun Bali,,, and Poetry Anthology Dian Sastro for President! End of Trilogy (INSIST Press, 2005) with Menguyah Geram (A Hunded Poems Against Corruption) which were pulished by the Manikaya Kauci Foundation, The Commission for Eradicting Corruption (KPK), and Jatijagat Kampung Puisi (2017).

In 2009 he was diagnosed with having contracted schizo- phrenia and could not complete his studies in Anthropology at Udayana University. Writing for  him  is  a  therapy and catharsis. Nowadays as well as writing poetry he also writes essays on art and culture and works as a journalist in Denpasar. He can be contacted by email:


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